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Am I seeking for the right reason?

Discussion in 'Parents & Couples' started by tmarie13, May 24, 2015.

  1. I have a question if someone has an answer; I've talked to this guy for a long time. We're just friends right now but he is a strong Christian and it inspires me. It makes me want to be closer to God and do bigger better things. But, I feel as if God sometimes thinks I'm only seeking him because I want to also get closer to my friend,and maybe become more then that. And sometimes I even believe that, and question myself. Is it good that he tries to bring me close with god? Or am I just trying to get close with God to somehow impress the guy? How does god see it? I feel bad, but I know which one I want to believe.
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  2. Short answer:

    If you are asking yourself this question, you probably already know the answer.

    Longer answer:
    It's very very easy to put our focus on someone else whom we see somewhat of God in, or what we consider godly, but it is no replacement for seeking God himself. Each man and woman stands before God alone. It is God you need, not some 15 or 16 year old young man. As nice as he may be :). But I think you know that. Relationships where the Lord is not more important than the other person in the relationship are bound to not end well. Is there someone else in your life, older and wise, 30 or older perhaps, whom you can talk about these things with, whom knows the Lord. It's important to have those who have walked down the path before us to be alongside us to show us things. Our peers aren't very good at that.

    Knock and it will be opened for you, seek and it will be found.

    The Lord is not far from any of us, his love is yours for the taking if you will come to him with the right motive. He wants all of you though, not just some of you.


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  3. Thank you...I needed that. Greatly put!:)
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