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Am I Blessed???

Am I Blessed
written by Michelle Ross nonfiction !

Sitting on my swing looking all around me as far as my eyes can see .
All Gods beauty that surrounds me. The trees leaves flashing their autumn coats golden with shades of red as well as if they are saying this is the season for harvest time to reap what you spent all summer sowing !
Even though the skies sometimes bring forth a little rain , I know that the sun will come bringing a better tomorrow pushing those gray clouds away revealing the turquoise skies leaving me simply breathless with amazement .
As the night falls I sit and watch the sunset skies colors I call of passion . Then I get up and go in watching my children laughing and playing running up to me hugging and kissing me . I cuddle them and thank the Lord for what he has given me .
Morning will come and once again the birds fill the air with their sweet little songs
I imagine them singing
time to wake up and see all of Gods glory ,
Everything from the plants and the trees ,
To every breath you breath,
Come give hi praise for all his Glory!

God has given us so much yet at times we seem to over look the little stuff.
The most awesome sight I have yet to see was the day I watched my children fall to their little knees folding the tiny little hands asking God to come in their hearts tears fell from my eyes as I sat and watched . Then to see them raise their hands in worship to the awesome God we serve . When they have been sick the faith they show by saying I know I a healed momma because God tells me .
When I have been sick I have seen them come by my side laying those little hands praying for my health .
To me that is far the best of all wealth.
Yes I know I am blessed I see it everyday in my children .
If watching them pray and worship doesn’t bring tears to your eyes then you are far more stronger then me because I cant help to ask my self how can I be so deserving? Then the answer comes to me its not weather I deserve it its all because Jesus loves me !
Just as he loves you and blesses you all though the blessings may differ its blessings from him simply saying because he loves you.
Thank you Jesus for loving me thank you for the joy and peace the beauty you have surrounded me with !
the end and yes this story is true !!!
He is the most beautiful most incredible creator, words do not describe it as we have over used the words that we do have for Him....

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