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Always Give Thanks?

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And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through him to God the Father. Colossians 3:17

It's striking to note that thankfulness is something that Paul expected representatives of Jesus to regularly practice. You could even add that you know who represents Jesus by looking for people who are thankful. Why is thankfulness so important for followers of Jesus?

For starters, thankfulness puts you in your place. You are a representative of the Lord Jesus, serving His plans and His purpose, and that requires you to live by faith. As you look to /God for guidance and direction, you'll soon experience His provision as well. When you receive God's direction and provision, the only appropriate response is gratitude.

Of course, a lack of gratitude could highlight some problems to consider. Are you depending on your own wisdom and only representing your own interests? Are you looking to other people or things for your protection and guidance? The less you depend on God or remain aware of His direction for your life, the less likely you'll be thankful for His daily provision.

Then again, sometimes you need to ask God to help you see the blessings around you. Thankfulness may only be a matter of what you notice in the midst of your busy days.

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