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Alone but not Alone

Staff Member
How can a young man cleanse his way? By taking heed according to Your word. Psalm 119:9

Somehow, it’s fitting that the day after Valentine’s Day has been claimed as Singles Awareness Day. You know—Go hug a single; they’re lonely—no! Not you; you’re single! That caught-in-betweenness can be confusing and painful when you’re an unwed Christian.

Being single carriers its own joys and challenges. When you’re single, you make all kinds of good decisions. Cereal for dinner? Good call! Jeans standing upright in the corner? Still got two wears in em! When it comes to where you go and what you’ll do, it’s just you and God—a stripped-down, efficient operation.

Of course, singleness isn’t always a gift. Sometimes, it’s downright lonely, never more so than when you’re in a crowded room, feeling a lack of connection to a special someone. And then there’s porn—the devil’s most effective workshop for idleness. That’s when you lean hard into God’s Word and plans, knowing that they don’t include feeding your lust or pouring your heart into fantasies (Romans 13:14).

If you can trust God and commit to following Him when it’s just you and Him, you’re on track for the life God wants you to have, whether you stay single or not. And if you end up abandoning the ranks of singledom, you’ll be on track to being the spouse they need and deserve.

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