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Allmost Here

Almost Here

Almost Here
Tick Tock, Tick Tock
The time is Almost near
Come on hurry He's Almost here
I tell you, Get saved today not tomorrow
God loves us all equally, He wants us for eternity
I'm sorry you missed it
He's just arrived,
You shouldn't have waited
Now lets say our goodbyes
I was gone in a wink
You shouldn't have stopped to think
I wish you could see it,
A lion and a lamb in a slumber
Together they'll stay that way forever,
Oh how i love this place
It's ashame you decided to wait
My Savior has come and you were the one,
Who was left behind
Because you didn't believe in His Son
By: Christine M. Sawyer
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Awesome poem!!!! Now I'll go read your other one before I do anything else! *gets distracted by box of donuts*
Christine, tha'ts aesome girl. the message rings true and people need to know. that's what will happen. God bless you, bye bye
wow... thats all I can really say.. you have a gift and I see that you will touch many lives for God's glory.