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Alliance Defense Fund

Staff Member
I received a letter note from ADF (Alliance Defense Fund) to support them against the homosexual rights laws the government is trying to pass (this was discussed on another thread recently as well here on TJ).

I have never heard of them but it looks legit. Has anyone ever heard of ADF? What's your take on them and your experience with them?

I do not want my money to support a false fund of any kind so I am asking you all for input first. Thank you.

I went over to the site and also did a web search... I have to say that alot of liberals hate them from what I can see... They seem to be standing up for christian rights in the court room... I think that I would like to see a "what we believe statement" which I have not found.. now I see that Dr Dobson was a founder of this organisation while I dont fully know what Dr Dobson believes when ever I have listened to him or read something by him he seems to be pretty right on... Joyfully ~ Jlu
I can not add to the input information on your question because I'm not that familiar with them. I hope others can help you more and it would be nice to see this at the top of this forum again.

In the :love: of Christ Jesus, Yeshua