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All I want is YOU

Yesterday i cried.

when i was singing the worship song <<love you so much>> in my fellowship, tears couldnt help dropping from my eyes.

when i heard the lyrics 'all my heart, longs for you. longs to worship you for ever.' i felt it is the words from my soul.

i was not sad or happy. I continued to sing the song with tears dropping all the time.
that night, when i came back home, i listened the song again, still couldnt help crying.
He made me realise my sin, my weakness. Before that, I thought i was strong, but now I do feel i am so weak. Only He can protect me.

evertime when i think of His Almighty Love, i feel He understands me and He knows me. Billions people follow Him, but He moves me personally.

I am not convinced by people, but my soul is touched by Jesus.
I love You so much. My Lord.
Jesusisthegod ... Thankyou So Much For Sharing You're Heart With Us . I Also Love To Worship God More Than Anything . Try Listening To [ Terry Macalmon 's ] Worship Music . It Is Some Of The Best Out There For Intimacy And Feeling The Spirit Of God ! He Is Truly A Mighty And Powerfull Man Of God . Please Write Back And Let Me Know If You Like It . If You Can't Find His Music Let Me Know And I'll Send Some To You . Big-brother