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All I Can Say

In a bottle
are my tears.
The ones I cried
The ones that You
wiped away.
The ones that You
don't remember.
The ones that I
can't seem to forget.
I wish I could
change my mind
And see the world
in Your eyes.
Give me courage,
give me peace,
give me guidance,
will You please?
I have nothing
left to offer.
Except this life I live.
This very life
I have yet to know.
This life I have yet to know.
Take it all,
take it please.
It is Yours, Lord.
I give it freely.
May I follow You,
know You,
understand You,
want to be like You.
Forgive my sin
for I have many.
The tears I have cried
are gone.
Are wiped away
with the blood of Your son.
Thank You is all I can say.