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All Faith-ed up.....

All faith-ed up

Faith in a lover
Faith in a friend
But faith in a journey that’s never to end?

Faith in the famous
Faith in the rich
But faith in the blessings that turn ‘where’ into which?

Faith in your dream
Faith in your goals
But faith in the one who’s pierced by spikes that made holes?

Faith in the doctor
Faith in the nurse
But faith in the God who gives strength and re-birth?

Faith may come easy
Faith may we hold
But faith in our God who is perfect and bold?

Yet he’s the only unchanging, unshaken all pure
He’ll be your best friend and doctor, your cure
The riches bestowed upon you, will fill you, don’t hide
He can’t let you down because he’s right by your side!

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lol.... started out like the ABC one i am pretty sure it was. though it was goingno where but then came to a nice little poem in the END.. very nice..

Love Simon!!!

Cheers lol

I mean to say that so often we put our faith in so many things that are liable to wobbles and do so easily yet we find it difficult to place faith in a perfect unchanging God who'll never let us down.

love Sleepy