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I Believe:

In second grade I started going to a Baptist church, and there I was asked if I was saved. I had no idea what that meant, but I said I was. And from that day on I always said I was.

I knew so much about God and the Word, I thought life was grand -- until I woke up and smelled the roses. I was stuck and had no way out. I was at point where God was just someone I used to know and somewhat disliked in this point of my life.

I got into some partying and drinking and things like that. I also got into a relationship that I thought was good -- and it was, for a season. But then it became a really physical relationship, and I lost my virginity and broke a promise that I made to God. Even though I wasn't saved, I had been going to a Christian camp for a few years, and I learned so much about sex and that my body was the temple of God. I knew that it was wrong and did it anyway.

Then I went to work at the same camp in 2000, and I was challenged with so much. But I did so little about it. I went home and went back to my ways and partied a lot and got into some really heavy drinking and smoking.

In January I was on the phone with my brother, and I was at a point were I hated -- really hated -- and didn't want anything to do with God. Adam was like, "It's hard to believe that a Christian could say some of the things that you do."

I got mad at him and didn't talk to him for about four months, but that night I was in my room and I really thought about it. How could I say those things and do what I did if I was saying I was a child of God? I thought for a good long time that night. Then I prayed and told God that I loved Him, that I needed Him, that I knew He was the only way I could get to heaven, and I thanked Him for sending His Son to die for me. Me ... Alexis ... a nobody that hated God and sent Him to that cross in the first place. And that day I was saved: January 29, 2001.

To this day I struggle with so much, and at this point I don't always please God with all that I do. But our God is good and forgiving and so very faithful even when I am not. So to this day I am challenged and I struggle like all humans, but by the grace of God I will and am getting through every day.
You are not alone many of us think we are saved but what is it to be a christian, if we confess we are then we need to act like we are....I am actually saying this about myself because this made me think about myself