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Aleppo and Mosul Update. Please Pray

Staff Member

Please remember to pray for Christians in Aleppo, Mosul and other areas affected by ISIS. One of our Syrian co-workers offered these specific ways that you can join us in praying for these families:

1. Pray for the rebuilding of Aleppo, Mosul and other cities affected by ISIS. Historic cities have been completely destroyed and feel like a ghost town. Pray that these areas will have life again and that the church will play a major role in bringing Christ to oppressed people.

2. Pray that the church will be equipped to help the many children who have seen and lived through the hardships of the civil war. These children have lost loved ones, lost their education and suffered from severe depression.

3. Pray that Christians who were driven from their cities by ISIS will return and join in rebuilding their cities and Christ’s witness.

Thank you for supporting these brothers and sisters through your giving, and for standing with them in prayer as they serve the Lord in some of the most difficult, dangerous places in the world.

Help Christian Families Rebuild in Areas Affected by ISIS
Staff Member
Praying brother!

My niece called last night and in answering all I could hear for awhile was crying. She spoke of being spiritually overwhelmed and sorely moved to tears after seeing a few pictures depicting the horrors being perpetrated upon our Brothers & Sisters in Christ Jesus throughout the world and as noted in the areas your post talks about. The Middle East/Syria.

I told her our comfort must be in the Lord, because we know that the horrors of these times were foretold. We must pray that these days are not prolonged and the little we can do in helping in providing if even a momentary ease to this suffering we willingly open ourselves to doing.

May God have mercy and move the hearts, minds of men to seek our Lord's Saving Grace and provide for those whose trials, tribulations we too may yet have to face!

With the Love of Christ Jesus brother thank-you for sharing this most difficult of news.