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Alaska: it's not that bad

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Hello all:

In my search for a Jesus-loving soulmate one of my difficulties is that I live north of Fairbanks, Alaska. There aren't all that many options, except to remain celibate. Yet, I retain hope.

If there are any Jesus-loving Alaskan women out there I just wanted to let you know: I'm interested.

For all you non-Alaskans: it's not that bad, you should try it out sometime. Sure the temperature is sub-zero for most of the winter, but there is almost no wind (at least there isn't here around Fairbanks). It actually doesn't matter much what the temperature is, it's the windchill that counts. And even though the winter nights are long (the shortest day of the year is less than three hours of sun-up) the skies are usually clear. In many instances, we get more hours of direct (i.e., not obscured by clouds) sunshine than in lower latitudes. Plus, since it stays below freezing, you don't get that slush that you do down in the 48, nor do the roads melt and re-freeze into a sheen of ice.

So come on up and give Alaska (and an Alaskan) a try.

Christ's Serf
Christ serf,
Remember there is nothing too hard or difficult before God. I he was able to bring forth a child in wombs that were old passed their time in Sarah and Elizabeth, how much more can't he raise for us in environments he has created such as Alaska. Just hold on there brother he is faithful.
Christ's serf, hello from another Northerner, albeit Canadian! :)

I'm over here in Inuvik, NT, & I can relate to your love of the North. True, I am working on moving South in the next few months - I miss my family & closest friends too much - but there is something about the North that I know will stick with me.

I see that we're the same age. I can certainly relate to you about the lack of Christian single companionship! There is certainly a lack of it up here, especially at our age. I've met plenty of single Christians, but they're all very young & I don't hang out with them. My friends are all married & close to my age. No problems with that, except that it would be great to have a friend to relate to when it comes to singleness & the desire to remain pure while single.

If you want to chat at any time or just spill your guts about frustrations that you don't mind sharing with a sister in the Lord, please don't hesitate to PM me - I'm a great listener - & reader! :)

& that invite goes for anyone in our situation. :)