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Ahhh! Its Just a Name! Right? Right?

No! It's not just a name!

Noah 1 His name means “Rest”. And he did rest in God’s salvation while the world was destroyed…

Noah 2 means “Shaker”. She, with her sisters, shook up a decree from God. Moses spoke to God for her, and God changed her fathers inheritance so it went to Noah and her sisters.

Moses means “one drawn from water”. The pharaoh’s daughter drew him from the water of the Nile.

Solomon means “Make whole, or complete”. He united Israel into a single nation.

David means “Beloved” He was a friend of God, and is very loved even today by the Jews and others.

Abraham means “Father of many” Interesting how God changed his name from Abram, which means “high father” to one more specific. Henceforth every time he spoke his name, every time somebody else spoke his name, it was a decree… and it became.

Joshua means “Yaweh is salvation” After Moses died Joshua succeeded him as leader of the Israelites and he led the conquest of Canaan. His original name was Hoshea, again changed…Hoshea means “Salvation” It is changed to a more specific name.

Gideon means “Means "feller, hewer" in Hebrew. Gideon is a hero and judge of the Israelites…He felled, or hewed down an enemy, who greatly outnumbered his army, killing two of their kings.

Women too? Of course.

Dorcas means “gazelle” Dorcas, or Tabitha if you prefer was a woman who was raised from the dead by Peter…She was a woman who abounded in good works.

Anna means “He (God) has favored me” Anna was a prophetess who lived in the temple… She was highly favored when she got her dream granted. She got to hold the infant savior.

Yocheved means “Yahweh is Glory” There was one lady (I never use this word lightly) worth talking about!! This woman of courage gave up her son to save his life…The son, when he grew up, was instrumental in the freeing of the Jews from Egypt. Because of her courage Yahweh WAS glorified.

The point here is…A name is a declaration of who one is or who one will become. I looked/ look at the meaning of my name and it pushes me on to become what the meaning says….

What about you? What does your name mean? And how can you live up to it? Do you want to change your name? Maybe.

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