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Agree To Disagree


One thing I have learnt in life is that we as people wont always be in agreement on certain matters, but it is how we deal with the matter that decide the outcome of the situation. Are we going to argue and still get nowhere and just end up being angry at each other?

The pastor that married hubby and me almost 9 years ago, gave us wise words to live by. We sometimes forget and cause uneccesary heart-ache, but at times we remember.

He said there will be many things that we wont agree upon, especially since hubby is an Englishman and I an Afrikaans person. We both are individual and our own opinions and also our background has a lot to do with how we see things in life. What sometimes may be acceptable for the one, wont be for the other. So there will come a time in each person’s life where they MUST AGREE TO DISAGREE.

So the more not only in relationships, friendships or aqaintances, but also strangers. There was numerous times that I almost got involved in heavy arguments with people online, but then I grab those wise words. We at that stage AGREE TO DISAGREE. That does not mean that I am going to give up on my viewpoint of Christianity. We are all from various backgrounds.

When it comes to faith, you cant force it down someone’s throat or make them believe. You can continue to tell them the truth and be compassionate towards that person. You can also show you care, but arguing with a person regarding this wont help. Just make it clear that you don’t agree with his/her viewpoint and agree to disagree for now.

I have learnt over time that any person can be taught the truth, but only if they are willing to be taught. Sometimes the Holy Spirit just need to do a little more work in that person’s heart for him/her to accept the truth. No-one can run away from the work of the Holy Spirit and He will work in that person’s heart and let that person know the truth. But in the meantime instead of arguing with the person that might seems heard-headed, we need to pray that the Holy Spirit will work in this person’s life and reveal the truth to him/her. We then must gently continue to guide that person with care and friendship because when the work of the Holy Spirit takes over the hard heart, then you will be needed more than you know.

I guess there will be people that wont agree with what I said here neither, but hey that is O.K. - I am willing to AGREE TO DISAGREE.

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