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Afraid to step out....

Hey guys,
A lot of you will have trouble understanding why i am scared about this but i am and i need some prayer to waylay it. Yesterday i got some good news regarding an application for my university to change into the Law program. I got in! But just now as i begin to plan things i am a little scared because it means prolonging the time i spend at school to another 5 years! Which means i will be 26-7 when i finish my studies and frankly im a little scared about that coz i wanna be married and i mean i wont even have time for a friendship let alone a relationship. Im scared that God wants me to be single for ever now (i recently had an engagment end). I know im probably wrong about this i just would like to have some support through prayer from Christian friends.
Thanks for reading this and God Bless
Because i have always wanted to do it but i never had the scores when i was younger and only just got a good enough one recently. it is dawning on me that i will have to commit a lot to get what i want.... which is well scarey!
I don't think people should get married until they are atleast 30yrs old anyway...thats what I am telling my 17 yr old daughter anyway :).I dont know why people feel God is always out to make their lifes miserable?Dear Brother at 25 your life is really just began, God is faithful but rarely in a hurry.He had the Isrealites wondering around for 40 years :) Be patient, finish your studies, secure a solid future for the family you desire.

God bless
Dont worry, Be happy

appius said:
Because i have always wanted to do it!
So there you go :love: GO FOR IT :star: :star: :star: God opens doors and offers you some great experience and knowledge for the security you desire for your future wife and family ...just like evergreen said :love:
Your wife will be very proud of you :love: Your a smart guy :love:

Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His rightousness, and everything else shall be added onto you :love:

Trust and obey . . .for there's no other way :love:

You will be just fine :love: God bless you :love: Please update us sometime how your doing :love:
of all students entering Law schools that are married 3/4 are divorced befor the JD is passed out. Law school is expencive and stressful, not something I'd want to take a woman into. If God wants you to be a lawyer, he has got the rest under control; don't fret it one bit. Met my wife when I was 27; have no regrets. Will pray...God bless.
I believe if you ask GOD to let someone come into your life who you love and who loves you in return, he will do it. I did something of the same. It was around christmas and I was talking to some lady cutting my hair. She asked me what I wanted for christmas and I told her that I had been praying one prayer alot lately, that I get a good girlfriend that had some class and was a good influence. Wouldn't you know it the next month I had a girl friend (november, 1 month early!) and we have been together ever since!
Thank you Evergreen, peeps, Dice, and Mike! you have all spoken the truth into my situation! I am now going ahead with enrolling trusting that God will is being worked out in my life and that when the time is right things in the relationship area will be the best possible in conforming to the will already in my life! Thanks again and i hope when any of you need prayer you will post here so i can lift you up to the Father!

God Bless you all!

Staff Member
Glad to hear you feel better brother. Always trust GOD in ALL areas of your life. Pray in faith and wait in faith for the Holy Spirit to convict your heart.

GOD bless you
Thanks Appius; I need prayer always and my family:whenever you remember me. God bless you in this endevor and give you wisdome like Soloman.

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