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Advice on New Projector, speaker, and microphone system for small church

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I am hoping to get some advice as our small church (max 350 seating) is hoping to upgrade electronics for the first time in over 50 years. We have a $8000 grant to work with.

I have been asked to do some research on finding a system with 2 projectors, at least 6 new speakers, at least 2 new microphones (or compatible with our old ones), and some sort of control station/software.

Our church currently has old speakers tied to two corded microphones and that is it (and they are at least 50 years old). The main room is about 40 feet by 60 feet, with an additional speaker in two different rooms.

All I can think of is to get a computer, add two monitors to it and tie the 2 projectors to the one monitor (so I have the second monitor to manage the music and volumes). I have used a simple plug and play projector with my personal computer before, but when it comes to speakers and microphones and volume controls for those I am utterly lost.

Any advice or tips?