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Advice for Trip to Peru

I'm going to Peru in January to visit the child I sponsor there through Compassion. Has anyone been there on missions? My husband heard some horror stiries from a friend who just returned and now he doesn't want me to go. I thought maybe if I heard of some good experiences from someone it would ease his worries. I'm actually a lot stronger than he gives me credit for and think I'll be fine. It's only for 12 days.
I'm really excited about meeting my sponsored child and I have faith that all will go well. Please keep me in prayer for January. Don't worry, I'll remind everyone before I leave. Thanks and God bless you all. :D
God bless you and His peace be with you as you go on your upcomming trip. Will have you in prayer.
Debra :D
I have never sponsored a child or gone on any missions, but I did go to Peru for two weeks. I did not have any horrible experiences even though we walked through the most dangerous part of Lima late at night. In general, I loved the climate (low humidity in Lima), and worth seeing Machu Pichu, but of course you're there for a different reason (but I highly recommend going to see this if at all possible).

Don't drink the water or tea or anything with water (that's not from a bottle). Besides that, the only thing I can mention is that from my experience white people or caucasions are looked upon as being superior (physical looks, financially, etc) and it can create a very surreal situation. Be safe & have fun!
Thanks for your advice about the water.
I'm sure all will go well. I don't know if I'll get a chance to see Machu Pichu but I hear it's awesome. I'm more excited about meeting with my sponsored child and working in his school. It's funny that you mentioned that whites are looked upon as superior. The missions coordinator asked that we not wear any American clothes. We have to dress down as much as possible. I showed my daughter what I was bringing and she asked me, "You're not really going to wear that on your trip are you?" :)