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Hey.. my name is winnie.. for the rest of my life I thought my life was normal but just different. I am a loving person always putting my self in someone’s situation, I get hurt easily, I have too much fear when it comes to someone’s feelings. I don’t like to see someone surfing or hurt... I am that person who always think a lot sometimes my over thinking becomes too much, and struggle to sleep at night. I always bottles my feelings so that I don’t hurt the next person. I hate disappointing others... I have big dreams which I’m scared to tell others about because sometimes they scare me. So sometimes I refare my thoughts as my “ daemon s” because I can’t control them... I think I need a counseling
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@Winnie madijeng
Did your father have an active role in your life?
Are you a sociable person?
Do you consider yourself introvert or extrovert?
Are you able to share your dreams on here?

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