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Adoption or Step-Dad / Step-Mom

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I’m curious if any married couple here can give some emotional feedback and share there experience of adopting a child or becoming a step dad or step mom to your spouses child. Your input would be appreciated.
Certainly, I would enjoy sharing what I have experienced.

I have found that if I don't love my wife's children then I don't love my wife. So I have learned (with Jesus leading me) and put extra effort how to teach my step-daughter in ways that I wouldn't with my biological children - I mean she has different needs than what my own children have. My parenting methods that I have employed in the past with my own children don't fit her character very well. Therefore, I took the initiative to adapt to that instead of the other way around. I wouldn't want to burden a teenage kid to adapt to my style with all of their newly found pressures in life, and I am happy and willing to serve the Lord in this way - I think it is one way Jesus is teaching me about things I was dead to before.

This is working wonderfully and has allowed my relationship to grow with her, my wife AND my biological children. Win, win, win! Family is not defined by blood, but by those that walk with Jesus in the Holy Spirit. Jesus has brought me to this point where I am looking at ALL people differently, I am hopeful that this newly found view is converging to Jesus' perspective of people.

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ! Amen!
I'm no couple and did not adopt my spouse's child but i tried to love him as my son. We are all brothers/sisters, fathers/mothers, sons/daughters in humanity and should love each other as such but we are just humans. Thanks be to the One who is more, who did and does better than us and has and will provide that which is best for His kingdom. Good cheer that He has overcome is the way we should go and when our children are old may they not depart from Him, I pray. I have a grand-nephew now who's hitting 11, Jan 3, and I have done my best to love him as son, since his dad and mom have issues. I hope and pray that God's influence through me avails for him on his path.
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I have found that if I don't love my wife's children then I don't love my wife.
This is true.

In my experience, it is like being the rope in tug-of-war, being pulled emotionally to take sides with either my biological teenage girls or their step father my husband.

May the Lord bless and guide you brothers as you seek to follow the Lord and love your wives and your families in a Christ like way, @Tristan W @this human

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