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Acne Problem

Hi Yo'll
I'm having problem with ance & i can't get it to go away forever!
I sensitive skin so i can't use some acne meds out there like proactiv.
When i first tried it . It just turned my whole face red like i just got a sun burn or where ever i put the acne treatment from the proactiv.
I just the marykay acne treatment but i don't know if its doing anything for me.
What should i do ? :confused:
Hey...I would say mybe go to your doc. He/she could help you and tell you what kinda
acne treatment you should take
hope I could help
GBU Sunset :love:
Zinc is a good suppliment to take for acne . Brother ... :boy_hug:
do you think this is ok to use for the acne? :

Walgreens High Potency
A thru Z
Dietary supplement Formula
Vitamins & Minerals
Each caplet contains DV
zinc = 15mg 100%

There is more than that one in pill.
What do you think?
Well maybe you should ask you doctor or pray and ask God to help you. Everyone is different. I know God will help you with acne. Remember God made you He knows everything about you. Just ask Him for help. Oh yes and Brother is right zinc is very good for acne. It helps me.
Godsgirl ... I am giving you this info. from an all natural professional named
Maureen Kennedy Salaman . I give this to my daughter and it helps her allt with acne . 1 tablet oderless aged garlic extract
1 mutiminereal vitamin
vitamin C 1000 mg
vitamin E 800 iu daily
zinc sulfate 50 mg three times daily
all with food
I do not know you're age , but if you are under 18 , please talk to you're parents first . Also , you can look this info up on internet .
Maureen Kennedy Salaman . com Hope this helps you . It helps my daughter so much that she hardly ever has acne anymore . But everyone is different . :love: :boy_hug: Brother
Formerly Adiaglow
hey sweetie :)

My skin has majorly improved since I started using Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. I wash my face with it at night, not in the morning. I have sensitive skin too, and Proactiv did a job on me. My skin was DRY. EEK! lol

Send me a private message if you have any questions!
My oldest daughter uses Phisoderm bar soap and it's excellent! So many prodcuts aimed at young girls have fragrances and other stuff that just do more damage than good!

I don't mean to knock Mary Kay but that's another line of products with junk in them that cause rashes, etc.

With sensitive skin, the simpler the better! No fragrance, no alcohol, etc!
Natural, no fragrance, no alcohol based cleansing products. Try to avoid make-up because it doesn't allow your skin to breathe, many tend to go overboard on its' use anyway. Use an egg white facial weekly(1 egg white beaten until frothy, applied to face and allowed to dry; wash thoroughly with Ivory soap). The natural vitamin regimen is a big plus also. The tips here are all good...help inside and out. Be proud of your natural God-given beauty and don't try to disguise/hide it!!! Hope you find some of these successful.

First and formeost, consider this a gift from God! Acne tears pride away, produces humbleness, and helped me draw closer to God.

When I was younger, I had moderate to severe acne. Herbal remedies, food, and diets won't do much to help relieve your skin problems (WebMD). It really depends on how bad you are having acne problems, a couple zits a week is normal and you should feel relieved..

Anyhow, you should go to a dermatologist. Since you have skin problems they will probably put you on an anti-biotic. Most likely doxycycline, cephalexin, minocycline, etc. Anti-biotics are iffy, but I hear they work well for some people.

I am curious as to why your face is very sensitive? This will cause problems because you need to be using a face wash a couple of times a day. Cetaphil's gentle face wash cleaner is good for people with sensitive skin, but I am a fan of Proactiv or Neutrogena's Acne face wash. If you can't handle Proactiv you probably can't handle Neutrogena. Make sure you're using lotion if your face is having problems.

When I went to the dermatologist it went like this for me:
1) Doxycycline with Differin creme: Didn't help.
2) Cephalexin: Helped a little
3) Minocycline: Didn't help
4) Accutane: Slayed everything, got rid of cystic (the big honkers) zits, but also caused problems with my patellar ligaments.
5) Currently: Proactiv with Cephalexin. Does a good job, get a couple zits a week.

I didn't use Cetaphil's face wash because I felt it was too weak. It was very gentle. Until I went on Accutane, I used Neutrogena's Acne Face Wash. Accutane causes extreme drying so I had to abandon a face wash completely. I highly recommend Cetaphil's lotion (the one in the green bottle). It works good and doesn't leave oil or clog pores.

God Bless you, and cheer up! Don't let Satan exploit this!
I have the same problem!

My skin is very sensitive too, my sister and I went through a lot of things that didn't work, then we finally went to the doctors and they gave us perscription cream stuff, and it helped. And as stated before zinc can be helpful. HEAVENSOUND was right too, on the fact that you should pray about it, God did make you special and unique. Because of that some stuff that works for some people doesn't work for others, like I've learned that you shouldn't give up hope because before you know it, that acne will be gone.

Hang in there acne can be a pain(gives hug :girl_hug: )


i Know

Trust me I know its hard i went through it for a while and its tough and people with good skin dont really understand but what i did was try everything on the shelf and nothing worked i even tried pro active for 4 months and that didn't work ,but i eventually went to a docter and i am really glad i did! If you cant go to a docter try taking a hi vitimin c pill and wash your face with clearasil it really helped me, and the most important thing is pray and don't pick it that will only leave scars and you don't want that. Drink plenty of water you will eventually find results but its a slow process!! you have my prayers and understanding laura:love:
Hello I had an acne problem since i was about 14/15 and it used to come then go for a bit then come back a few weeks later and it was really upsetting for me because I am really hard on myself and how i look:embarasse but last year i got given zineryt solution from the doctors which is like an oitment which you put on your face and after about 3 weeks it started to clear my face a bit and been using it a year and my face only gets odd pimples here and there now and most the time it keeps the acne away, but huni having acne is nothing to be ashamed or distressed about. I get really upset when i sometimes get the odd spot and things because i am just silly! and too vain which isnt good i dont really like myself though so i suppose its just me trying to look half decent when i think i look terrible!
Yup, nothing else will help except for Roaccutane or Accutane depending on what it's called in your country. Not to be critical to any of the advice here, but none of it will really help with treating acne. They only treat the effects after the damage has already been done. Roaccutane works by stopping the production of acids inside the pores which is what's causing them to become inflamed. I had severe acne when I entered high school and it even caused sores up to nearly an inch wide on my face. Luckily I went to a lady at a skin care clinic. She could have easily taken advantage and treated only the symptoms but instead she sent me to this dermatologist she knew about and he prescribed it to me and it started working instantly. There are a few side effects, but they are not as bad as the alternative as long as you keep out of the sun. Yes, praying does help, but God works through people and sometimes even medicine. :wink:
acne solution toothpaste

hey i use toothpaste at night and it really helps prevent them from getting worse and actually makes the whole process speed up. it only works for some people though. i think you can use any toothpaste without flouride, look it up online if you want more info, i heard it on the news one day and it works for me.
Do you have acne or do you have zits? Imo I think that's two different things. I had a whole bunch of zits for some years, but I won't call it acne. I guess they got worse because I wouldn't stop picking on them, and I washed my face way too often.

Eventually it will go away, but that doesn't help much when you're right in it, does it?
My advice would be:

Don't let it get to you. Don't let it take over your life. Wash your face regulary, but not too often!!! I would say max once a day. First use a Nivea facial wash. They have many good ones, the one that gets foamy (I don't know if you can say that LOL) are the best I've heard. Don't use very hot water, and be sure to throw some cold water at your face, after removing the facial wash. Dry carefully with a clean towel. Use a typical Nivea facial cream after washing your face, and make sure you get it all over your face, and maybe some on your neck.

Yes I'm advertising Nivea. It's very good and it doesn't cost a lot.

Remember my advises are from own experiences, and I have dry skin. If you have fat skin, then I'm not sure. But it sounds as you have dry skin to me, cause of the red rash after using your meds.

If it's getting real bad I suggest contacting your doctor. Feel free to contact me anytime, and I'll be glad to help:)
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