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About "Stories"

Staff Member
This is a unique section apart from the rest of the site where you can post your story(ies) about your journey in life between going to church, falling away, coming back and everything in between. This is NOT a praise section but a simple section for your journey and all.

For praise please post (and joyfully do this :D ) in the Praise Reports forum.

God Bless!

Note: I will be posting many stories taken directly from Passageway.org They have awesome stories. Go there and sign-up for their newsletter as well. Passageway.org is a teen/youth site (targeted) from the Billy Graham Evangelistc Association.
My Lord lifts me up when i am down.He helps me to smile to take the place of a frown. there is so much
that my Lord does for me .He is my joy,peace,happines,Love of my life. With0ut my Lord i am nothing. With God i can do all things.
Thank you Lord for saving my soul.
Thank you Lord for makeing me whole.
I love you Lord my God my savor Jesue Christ.
Your child
I hope I have placed this in the correct place, if not please forgive.
It's about how I came to know Jesus as my personal saviour.

I came to ask Jesus into my life and control it on the 24th Dec 2002 that will be 2 years this Christmas Day. I didn't plan for it to happen on Christmas Day believe me but it did, Thank God.
My life had been going downhill rapidly for sometime, my husband and myself did nothing but argue all the time, in fact it came to a split up and we'd been married 31years, I hadn't even been thinking about God or Church I guess I was in the depths of dispare and couldn't get much worse, I remember telling all my family (3 sons 1 Daughter) to go onto their sister's house for their Christmas dinner but I knew I wouldn't be joining them, I was living with one of my sons and his wife at this time, we had only moved into a new house 2 weeks, and I had moved out, well at 3pm I sat down to my Christmas dinner, a White chocolate Kit-Kat bar and a cuppa tea, when something just came over me, I knew there had to be a better life than this one I was living, so I started to pray to Jesus, and asked him into my heart and my life, I hadn't been in a church except for weddings etc for ages so I then went to church my first time as a Christian and it felt great.
The only thing I find hard is being the only Christian in my home, my Mum and Dad both are but they don't live with us, it is hard having a husband who drinks smokes and uses bad language so any help at surviving this would be much appreciated, I do pray daily and I know in the Lord's time he will turn the situation around but it still is hard, I guess that's my cross.
In May of this year I had an experience, well that's about all I could call it I will go into detail at another time as it's quite a long story.
Staff Member
That is a great story Maureen. I know being a lonely Christian is not easy but prayers work always. Keep your faith :)

thanks for the reply I will keep my faith no matter what with God's help as he keeps us Just as well too.