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About my mom

About two years ago I saw my mom for the first time in 10 years and I cried all day and it took me a couple days to just get over it. I love my mom but my dad took me away from her because she was doing drugs and my dad cheated on my mom with her best friend which she has decreased the same year I wrote about my 16th birthday. So I was talking to her about everything and she happened to live around the corner from my good friend, Jessica and my elementary school friend. I can't think of her name but it was interesting how I saw her and my mom. My mom took pictures of me and we was talking about my dad and stuff. She is with another man that is 20 years older than her and he is ok and his name is Fred. So that is great for her she won't tell me if she is married to him or not. But it is amazing how I saw my mom and I awoled out of a group home to see my girlfriend but I saw another friend and my mom too and it felt like an angel came over me and said AWOL to see your mom.

Ask me anything pretaining to this testimony but it is never too late
to see your parents!

Love, Diana31483