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About Missons!!! My desire I love----but feel I can't reach.

Is God calling me to be a Missionary? I wonder....because it feels like it would be something I could never reach. Ever since I was a young teen---still am----I've been attracted to Missions. But I feel that parents, a lack of knowledge, a lack of money, and other things keep me from the very idea. But then why has it been on my heart? I get extreamly depressed over a future for my life. I'm 19 years old, yet I'm not in college right now. Partly because my parents have told me to wait [I have taken this as God's desire for me right now] and partly because I don't have any money right now for college. Yet so many people who are my age and are in Missions are starting out with college first. Right now I've recently been invited to a church that is having Missions Week. I'm going to talk to a young Missionary. But I know no matter how much I try, my parents will probably frown on this. They are very protective of me and I am a sort of small and dependent girl for my age. So I feel restricted. Especially because I'm not use to being soooo involved with a church to get "experience" for Missions---which is required.

First question: How can I get involved now just to gain experience? Is there something I can join online or a website someone can recommend to me?

Second: Can people pray for me about this? I want so badly to try for Missons but I'm so inexperienced. Plus I'm a very dependent person. That is why I need support and God's leading.

Third: Does one need a degree in college to get into Missions? What fields are there and how would I know which one to pursue?

I would soooo appreciate the help. This is a very big issue in my life.

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Dear Sucat,

I do not have a really good answer for your first and third questions but I still want to tell you my opinion.

I think God will use everybody who really wants to be used by God in a "missionary" way. If you have the feeling God wants you to preach THEN there is no "I can't"!!

God can make everything possible - if he CREATED A WORLD THEN HE CAN MAKE YOU PREACH!!! Do not think that every of your talents come from youself, everything GOOD comes from GOD!

I hope you understand what I want to tell you, I am not a perfect English speaker (I am a German Girl)..


:love: Natalie
Natalie, I know pretty much how you feel. Except I am more than twice your age!!!! So keep on moving with God. He is the one moving your heart towards missions, Natalie. I don't think that is something that your flesh would do, because the passion for missions is Christ-like and selfless. Do you know what I'm saying?

It doesn't matter if you are a quiet person. Sometimes quiet people are more thoughtful of what they say, and God can use you to build relationships with people who are lonely and need Christ. It doesn't matter what your parents think! You are 19 years old now, and they need to loosen the rope a little. I am a parent of an 18 year old, a 13 year old, and a 5 month old, so I qualify to tell you that!

I sure would love to talk to you online sometime if I ever get to chat online.

Natalie, God called me to missions 11 years ago. I have never been overseas, but I have worked in womens jail ministry, street ministry, backyard bible clubs, clown and puppet ministry, and shelter ministries. All these things are missions without getting on an airplane. They take up your time and your prayers and your heart, and they will grow you like crazy.

I strongly feel that you would not feel the way you do if God didn't have something in mind for you. Don't be afraid.

I am 45 years old and in my junior year of college. I am majoring in Christian Ministries with an emphasis on missions. Please keep praying, Natalie. God will show you the way. There is a way, and nothing, nothing is impossible with God. May I also point out, that He loves you so much, and would not give you anything to do that He wasn't prepared to help you handle!

Love in Christ,
Jan (dreamer)
I'll be praying for you!

Hello there - I totally understand where you are coming at. I am a 19 year old girl too and I feel very strong about Missions. But like yourself, am inexperienced, not fully independent yet and am unsure as to what field of missionary to work in etc. I don't think that someone needs a degree as such to be a missionary. I've always been so confused as to what I'm supposed to do in the missionary field. Just lately, God has been telling me that it's not all about Doctors and Nurses in the mission field; rather it is about using the gifts (what you're good at) He has chosen for you to use. I struggled a bit with it because I've got the gift of creativity, which I mean, I didn't know how creativity was going to be used in Missions. But it can - through Christ Jesus anything is possible!! There's one thing though, I have been advised to go to Bible College; which is great I can't wait to go!!
Anyway, thats just my own opinion - I will be praying for you Sucat!
Phi 4:10 But I rejoiced in the Lord greatly, that now at the last your care of me has flourished again. Although you indeed did think, but you lacked opportunity.
Phi 4:11 Not that I speak according to need, for I have learned to be content in whatever state I am.
Phi 4:12 I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound. In everything and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need.
Phi 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

REACH FOR THE STARS!!! God will catch you and breathe courage wisdom prophesy knowledge and the gifts into you. He will speak and lead just let Him wok in his own time. He has put this desire there for a reason I have a desire to go in2 the ministry and deliverance that I want it so badly at times that I start to cry about it.
Okay, so I seriously started weeping as I read your post, and as I continued to scan through the replies. First of all let me tell you, that I am your sister and I wanna hold your hand through this cause that is what God would do, and that's what He's doing. And God has laid answers in my heart for your questions. But first let me tell you a little bit about myself-- My name is Damaris. I am also 19 years old, and I attend a small private Christian school (UMHB) in Belton, TX. I've had a passion for missions since I was 17, after I went to the Dominican Republic with my church. Ever since I've been eagerly serving in any place i can find, cause that's truely what Missions is all about... service
Okay, now that i've developed some self-credibility, I will proceed to answer your questions.

First of all, you asked: "Is God calling me to be a Missionary? "
God calls every Christian out there to be a missionary. Jesus said: "Therefore Go and make disciples of all nations." He didn't just point out a group of Christians... he told everyone... GO! Many Christian believe that because they don't have a calling to go to the other side of the world, they have an excuse to sit on their butts in the back pew and do nothing. NO! Those who have not been called overseas, have a Job where they are and they need to get busy and do it. It infuriates me to see so many complacent Christians, not striving to take as many people to heaven with them as they can! So YES, you ARE called to be a Missionary! And also, let me clear something up--Being a missionary does not necessarily mean standing in front of a pulpit preaching your toes off... it could be working with children, in a soup kitchen, having small group bible studies, building relationships and simply loving and serving.
Now for your actual questions:

"First question: How can I get involved now just to gain experience? Is there something I can join online or a website someone can recommend to me?"
-- I think, becoming a member of a church and getting involved would definitely help. There are many ministries out there that can use help.. do you have a Hope for the Hungry around? Ask about missions opportunities at your church. How can you serve at home, as to prepare you for something outside of home. A website would definitely be www.imb.org -- International Mission Board website, provides information on missions around the world and opportunities to give and to GO.

"Second: Can people pray for me about this? I want so badly to try for Missons but I'm so inexperienced. Plus I'm a very dependent person. That is why I need support and God's leading."
-- HECK YES!!! Of course someone can pray for you, I'm praying for you right now! It is a blessing that you are a dependent person. Many people go into missions having an independent mentality, and they lack complete relience on God. When you realize you are powerless, and that God is all you have to rely on, He will truely be your only source of energy, motivation, life. About inexperience... when I was struggling with whether God was calling me to missions or not, I went to a friend and she told me: "God does not call the equipped; He equips the called."

"Third: Does one need a degree in college to get into Missions? What fields are there and how would I know which one to pursue?"
-- I do not think you need a certain degree to get into missions. For example, i plan to go into missions, but my major is EC-4 Education. I plan to work with children in a spanish-speaking thirdworld country. That is how God has pressed upon my heart to serve. Although, many Christian colleges and universities offer Religion majors, Christian Studies, and i know, UMHB offers Christian Missions. Of course, one can go to seminary as well, and prepare better for the ministry. 1 Peter 1:5-7 talks about preparation.

I know this is a bit long... but I really REALLY felt led to write every word on this page. Please keep in touch with me and I will continue praying for you, my dear.

Personal side note: I have gone to the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Germany, and am going back to Germany and going to Spain next summer. I don't have any money. My family has always struggled financially, we don't live in some fancy big house, and my parents don't have glamorous jobs, so they can say, "oh you want to go to Germany next summer? Here's $4500 for it.. all paid!" No way! That would be a dream come true. I work two jobs, and go to school... and have to pay for my car, insurance, cell phone, and have to raise all the money I need for missions. Its tough... but Trust me, it's definitely, Faith-Building.
Praise God for all you guys!!! Thanks alot Damaris. ^_^Thank you for all your prayers.
Sucat---I'm sorry I called you Natalie---I was peeking up at the responses and saw that name, but it was under a reply. I'm sorry for that mistake, but I'll tell you something, Sucat. I read your thread and it touched me and I still pray for you and have you on my heart.

I am older and plain-looking and there is nothing special about me. Eleven years ago, whilst my marriage to an ex-pastor was disinegrating before my eyes, God called me while I sat in the balcony of the First Baptist Church. I felt like He mainly wanted me to work with children, and women too.

When I went forward, several of the members of the large church were snickering. For weeks on end, I was "roasted". "She thinks she's called to the minstry," they said. They said worse things, but I won't repeat them here.

After my husband divorced me, I still felt that calling from the Lord. I felt it while my daughter and I were living in a shelter. So I witnessed to the other people who were living in the shelter. Two precious ladies were saved by God. God has used me, in small, unremarkable ways, ever since I said "yes" to Him up in that balcony. It doesn't matter if anyone else believes it, because God is the one who calls me---not people. He calls us to serve, and we do His bidding. It's an honor and privilege to serve the Lord.

I hope that you have made steps forward, Sucat, toward praying and reaching for what the Lord has for YOU to do. He really does have something for you. Not your imagination, sweetheart. The Lord speaks to His people. It doesn't matter if they're 13, 19, 31, or 81. The Lord speaks to us, we are His sheep, we hear His voice.

I feel just like Damaris---people that have no concern for the lost and the hurting, sicken me. It's like they are saying, "Well, I'm comfortable, I know I'm saved, and I'm headed for glory, so why should I care????"

But you, Sucat, YOU CARE, because of your soft, gentle heart God chose you to love, witness, and reach out. As the Nike commercial says, "Just Do It." (cradled with lots of prayer, of course!!!)

Thank you, Dreamer!

Praise God for you Dreamer!

Thank you! It is very encouraging to read your words. I think I am taking closer steps. Right now, at my work, I am encouraging a friend who wants to be a missionary. I think by encouaging those who will "GO" will help me when I'm ready to "GO".

Thanks for your prayers....it is comforting to know there are people out there who care.

If you're struggling for money, its the easiest thing to overcome. Look at it this way: if God wants you to go He will give you the money. If it isnt in His will that you go, then He wont give you the money. I've heard a lot of stories where people have been needing money right up until the last day before the money was due, and God has provided! It almost looks to me like God sometimes waits until the last second just to show that it was Him and not some coincidence.

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