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About God's cause and effect…

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Friday's Daily Devotional

About God's cause and effect…

Isaiah 32:8 But the noble man makes noble plans, and by noble deeds he stands. (NIV)

When you drop a baseball from the top of a stepladder, the baseball always falls down. The gravitational pull of the earth exerts a force on the ball and causes the mass of the ball to be pulled down toward the center of the earth. God created gravity and mass. God's physical gravitational law is a simple cause and effect relationship. God not only set in motion all the physical cause and effect laws we take for granted, God also set in motion all the spiritual cause and effect relationships we take for granted. When you lie, bad things happen to you. When you cheat, bad things happen to you. When you steal, bad things happen to you. You would think God's cause and effect relationships in the spiritual realms would be as obvious as gravity. You would think people would see being honest has a reward, not cheating has a reward, and not stealing has a reward. You would think everyone would understand when you give love, caring, kindness, and compassion away, all these and more come back to you. Your common sense will tell you how God has mountains of blessings to pour over you the instant you do all He created you to do. Mountains of blessings will pour over you when you become all He created you to become.


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