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About Daily Devotionals Forum

Staff Member
These devotionals come from other Christian resources including Bible Gateway for one and many others. I gather them here for your pleasure and encouragement. Read and enjoy.
Thanks Chad For All You Do . I Have Really Enjoyed The Site And I Am Telling Everybody . Mike ... Aka... Big-brother
Staff Member
Thank you Mike glad to see you enjoy the board. Feel free to share ideas and suggestions in the Press Stand forum.

I Believe I've challenged a copy of an article posted by you thinking this was a normal Forum on 'Living Your Reformation Day Faith! By Dr. Prutow.

Although I do not regret the post, (Well maybe just a little bit?). I cannot find a way to delete it? I've looked for the Delete button, Where? Permission for you to delete it if that is your wish!

Chad I'm spreading the Word about your place too. I know a few going to check it out here. They will love it like I do.