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I just Had to shout that!
I am a disabled shut in. a few years ago. I had a very onfire for the lord chat room I made up. it was great! it built up where we had three of us as in control of running it. the great thing was I had a hammer where when after three chances if the boogey man came back to disropt I could block him.( I miss having my own chat room Very Much!) it was called unmerited Love.

The lord used that ministery Very strongly! I would strat by praying hard before opening. then enter the room and Just prasieing in type. and had my most on fire for the lord CD playing as I wholely worshiped!
My other two shared friends ( both in other countrys) came in as in same way! ( our rule was.. if your down ..not intune with the spirit. leave off your hammer.) God Wowed us useing that tool. as the three of us where blown away by How god was useing the chat room dayly. it was like this.. one of us was typeing worship prasie in the room. ..then. the other would be greeter.. then as one of us would get a word of knowlage. .. that person would side step and consalt with that person... and it was Wow! God would for real rotate us. even in our human down times. the others would be impowered!.. and people reported back to us of real huge healings!
people would freek out when we knew their problem. but we would refer them to the lord. as ( we where not doing the insite!).. this minstry work out great a long strech. but. when God moves hard ..so does the dark. the other helpers fell off. then the chat service fell apart. I have longed to be of use again. in that same way!
and you'r chat rooms here are the best I have seen in four years!

I thank the designer. I wish it had make your own public room feature with hammer type thing ( to keep control !). But
I will keep a prayer up. that this may be it again here!
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I'm glad you like the chat room sister. Please tell others about it too like your friends and family members.

GOD bless
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Hello Chad,

Just took a look at the new chat room and it looks great. I can't wait for it to be up and running. Many thanks for all your work Chad - it is really appreciated. God bless you.

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I like the chat rooms too. But question, would it be possible that the chat room would not go offline when a forum backup is being made?
Because that happens very often, and of course puts all conversation to an end.
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That cannot be done Jari. Everything has to go offline during backup. Backup lasts only 2 or 3 minutes anyway. You log back in, no big deal.
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