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About capital punishment

Capital punishment is a punishment, in which human beings are condemned to die. The usual crime, for which this punishment is given, is murder. This form of punishment is usually chosen to deter others from committing this crime and to make criminals pay back for the crime they committed by their own life. Because this form of punishment involves killing human beings, in imposing this punishment the society performs the same violent act it is trying to deter. In addition, it teaches the society that violent methods are sometimes acceptable. This increases violence in the society. Furthermore, since God is the author of all life, no one has the right or authority to kill another human being.

The purpose for punishment is to help others to change for the better and never for condemnation or revenge. When we impose life-taking punishment, it is condemnation; and it does not give the convict a chance to change. It teaches the society that some people are beyond hope. Since all of us have had hate (for another human being) in our heart at one time or the other, and hate for another human being is similar to murder (1John3: 14-18), we ourselves are guilty of a crime similar to murder. How then can we condemn another human being? In the old days, when it was not possible to imprison violent criminals, capital punishment was accepted as a form of self-defense for the society. However, nowadays, when it is possible to safely isolate violent criminals from the society, there is absolutely no justification for capital punishment.
Life sentencing

I used to support the death sentence. Now I believe a murderer should receive a life sentence without possibility of parole. You are right, the Bible says "Do not render evil for evil.". We do not live by Hammurabi's code.