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Discussion in 'Bible Answers' started by Chad, Jun 17, 2008.

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  1. That seems a bit harsh for my taste but to each their own. The fact is we need both guns and such along with prayer. One or the other is not not enough alone but still powerful. If you put them together you get more then you need.
  2. How many people did Jesus kill?
    Be Christ like... deny the flesh, pick up your cross and follow Him.
  3. I already do follow him and have for a while. I know how to defend myself though if need be.
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  4. Well, praise God for you, sis. You just May be the one that kills the guy that is trying to kill me :) I will leave the "killing and let God sort them out" to a world full of "unbelieving believers".
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  5. Wait are you being serious? Someone is out for you? I also never said I would kill someone but that I will defend my house and family to the end.
  6. Nothing is more powerful than the name of Jesus. The authority of Christ He gives to us is all we need.
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  7. Sis, if a man comes to steal thy coat, offer him thy cloak also.
    Then ask him if he has need of anything else.

    Sis, (pull a gun on someone) is that what Christ would do?

    Do you know Him?
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  8. That's not the situation I am talking about here at all. One of the first things I was told by my father when I was old enough was how to defend myself when being attacked. If someone with a gun is trying to break down the door to your house are you going to let it happen? I asked a few of my Christian friends for help on this question also.
    I know Jesus and have for a while thank you.
    Do you know him?
  9. I understand that yes but talking about Jesus is not really going to stop a well armed person to be honest that's just plain simple really. You learn at a young age that guns kill people. If you want to help against this stuff pray and help with gun free zones. Make the community safe for everyone.
  10. Yes, in the authority of Jesus, we can command a threat to stand down in Jesus' name.

    VIDEO: Woman Calls Out to Jesus When Man Attacks Baby, Seconds Later Something Amazing Happens
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  11. Unless you become as a little child, ye shall not see the kingdom of God. Little children is just glad someone came to fellowship.

    Yes sis, if someone came in on me, armed or not, I would find out what they have need of and help best I could. They in a bad way already if they feel they have to break in, and I will use my time overcoming evil with good. Amen
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  13. Well to be honest if the man is being blocked he may also just give up. Its faith that Jesus helped and if a woman or anyone was also yelling about Jesus I might back away also if someone was and I did not know why. That comes from hearing about experiences people have had on the street.
  14. Well I hope that works out for you. I have been taken advantage of enough already by people in the world. I would rather call the cops to be honest then have to hurt a person.

    Regarding that quote there I was a kid when I was converted to being a christian.
  15. It's the power of God at work.
  16. In some cases I believe so yes.
  17. No one said anything about "yelling about Jesus". No, turning something meant for bad into an opportunity to share God's love. I am not offended; I am confident in my God. Amen. People who are offended feel the need to defend themselves.

    A person breaking in is already lost. God gives us what ye ought to say. Amen
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  18. Well, sis, I can hear The spirit that speaks. You free up in this world too, and your speech is one with it.
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  19. Grew up in...

    Let our conversation become the gospel of Christ.
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  20. Christ is building the third temple, called the New Jerusalem. This is also the temple John was told to measure. This is a spiritual temple, not a house made with hands.
    They lay heavy burdens upon men grievous to be born and they have not entered in themselves.
    How can a speaker tell someone how to be born again when they have not received His baptism? He has a baptism to be baptized with.
    When one has entered in His door, there is immediate, supernatural change. One indeed has a testimony to tell. He shall know them by their fruits. We are a peculiar people, a royal preisthood, speaking in Spirit and in truth, rightly dividing the Word of truth, for it is God who gives us what ye ought to say.

    The Christian population is still trying to learn abt Him, rather than know Him. Those at the pulpits are hirelings, and care nothing for the flock, but appease the flock so the money tray stays full and their pay is secure.

    The abomination has nothing to do with the pulpits of Christianity. I believe the only reason people say such things and attribute all the evils of the end to the church is because,

    "By tearing others down they build themselves up."

    "The church of Christ will not have anything to do with the evils of the last days other than having to endure it."

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