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Staff Member
I Believe:

When I moved away from my hometown of 13 years, I was already a Christian. I went to church and stuff, but it seemed like I only knew God on Sundays or when I was at church camp. He wasn't a part of my ordinary life.

When I moved away, things got really tough. I felt I didn't have any friends, and everything at home was just going horrible. I started denying God. I stopped praying, and I stopped going to church. This went on my whole eighth-grade year.

I went to church camp that summer and things seemed to get a little better, but I still only knew God on Sundays.

My freshman year came along and I had a lot of friends, but none of them were active Christians. They knew God and Jesus, but they didn't do anything with it. I just kind of followed. It was like, "Yeah, I knew He was there, but so what? No big deal."

Then just a couple of weeks ago on a Sunday night I was feeling really low. I just could feel that I was missing something in my life. I wasn't doing the right things. That night my friend Angie called me, crying with tears of joy about how that night at church she had found God again. She saw what He was worth and how great life would be if you were just with Him every moment -- if you knew Him seven days a week. Life would be just perfect.

We talked and cried that night for two hours about how we had messed up in our lives, but we had time to change and do the right things and we would hold each other up on this journey. We started going to church together, and I pray all the time.

I'm not perfect and I still make some dumb mistakes, but it's getting easier to be good and I notice when I do something stupid and I can tell God about it. It feels so amazing and I know God seven days a week now, and I'm the happiest I've ever been. It might take a while, but I want to spread the light and joy to everyone! I am so happy that I have God in my life for good!
Thank you Chad for sharing that Yes it is wonderful how when we fall down from mistakes we make in our lives he always picks us up out of love and compassion and stands us back up on our two feet! Thats Love a Love that lasts for all eternity! God bless you