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A word of encouragement

Can I offer a word of encouragement to you all. Over the past few weeks I have needed prayer for myself, usually for depression. I come to TalkJesus and see who is here and send a private message to someone to pray for me. God has been so faithful and answered these prayers. In fact, just yesterday as soon as my sister prayed for me the depression started to lift. All praise, honour and glory to God. :thumbs_up

All God is asking is that we humble ourselves before Him and ask someone to pray for us. After all He has put us here in TalkJesus as brothers and sisters together. I'm not saying this to run down the prayer request thread, just sometimes we need help right away, and if you ever find yourself in this position do not hesitate to ask a brother or sister here for help.
Peace to you sister . I am blessed that in all things , the Father God has provided for you . You also have been a true servant to many here at TalkJesus . Thank you for that . :love: :boy_hug: Mike