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A word from the Lord- urgent

Hello All,
Just a little about me first so you do not think I am a crackpot which I assure you I am not. The Lord has been coming to me since 1993 when He healed me of cancer terimal. Most of the time till 2003 it was for just me to build me up in Him and grow in Him. Now the words are becoming more for the nation and churches. So I thought I would share them here. The Lord lead me here this I know, I have posted them on other sites as well. They can also be seen at: {Edit by Jesuslovesu : reason no links without permission} 10-29-05:
"You people do not hear. Why am I asking? You have ears, but do not hear. You close your ears and hearts to things of MY Kingdom and open your ears and hearts to the things of Satan and the world. I tell you NOW! read all MY words in Jeremiah 7:21-29. MY remnant weep for these fallen ones."
"Prophet of Mine, this is another word to add to the last word for the earth. This one is for U.S.A.
All the big and fancy buildings humans have built where I AM not welcome will be destroyed. Not one stone will be left on top of another. Glass will break and shatter.
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Sister 2 pastors that I went and seen yesterday in two different places both talked on how we let the world rule us... how we are deceived.. I think it goes right along with the word you just gave. God Bless you! Joyfully ~ Jlu
so you do not think I am a crackpot which I assure you I am not.

Sister I am a cracked pot, and I wouldnt have it any other way
(I could tell you an amazing vision that was given to me to back that statement up)

Seriously, we know God speaks to His people thru visions and dreams, ALL glory to God! God has never stopped speaking to His people, but so many of us have stopped listening.