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a wondrous testimony

Hello my dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ..
I haven't written a message here for a long time.. but now I wish to tell you a testimony that I heard when I was in the church today.
The pastor told us this case:

One person, who had a level of a doctor teaching the Holy Scriptures, had 5 brothers and 2 sisters...
He has known that God says that he gives life to those who live with Him...
and all his brothers and sisters died because of diseases..
The time came when his sister was about to die, and that person was told to come and see his sister before she dies.
When he came, he saw his sister without breath.
He put a small mirror near her nose to see if there is steam one the mirror, but there wasn't. He understood that his sister is dead.
And then, he started praying for her, feeling that the spirit of his sister is still near him. That way he did not let her spirit to live her body totally.

Then, that Dr. sent a telegram to his friend who did believe that dead are risen even in those days of the 21st century.
His friends answer was: do not worry , God is alive.. she will be alive..
And those two people started praying for that woman, the doctor's sister...

Alex..the picture is much clearer now...and yeah definitely you don have problems with the language.And yeah..yet again !!!!!!!!Hallelujah!!!!!!!!

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