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A warning against playing Stardew Valley - it's darker than you think!

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Stardew valley looked like a ton of fun as I've always had an interest in farming games and what really sold it for me was the ability to play coop with friends and family members.

Very early on in the game I received a letter from a wizard addressing the strange 'spiritual' sensations when visiting the abandoned city hall. Something just didn't sit right with me and I did further research to check if the game was clear from too many 'occult' experiences.

I was horrified to find out that the game actually touches upon sacrificing children to idols in a witch hut in order to remove them permanently from your life, or in other words, killing them so you never see them again. And to think this game is marketed to young children as a fun and safe experience...

I felt driven to expose the pure evil in this game in order to warn parents and gamers not to support and play a game that supports such evil practices. As a follower of Christ I know the severe consequences of turning to occult practices and promoting so called 'progressive' ideas such as gay marriage so its important to bring such things into the light for all to see.

Stay safe y'all,