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A Tradgety In God's Family

I come to you with grave news. We have a family in our area that are very sincerely involved with their church. And tradgety has struck them, it seems that, some how the father had been suffering from bouts of depression, and as far as the wife and son could tell this was all they considered it. Anyways, there were a couple of occations in which the father had come out of the bed room quoting scripture and acting a little off which they ( the mother) and son thought just part of the depression. In all other aspects he appeared and acted very 'normal'.
However the other evening after the wife left for a meeting at the church, the father ended up killing his 20yr. old only son, claiming that he had to make this sacrafice in the similar manner that Abraham had to with Issac, which we know, Abraham had only to be willing...
I have no idea what I am asking for here except prayer for the family that surrounds the mother and father. The father is in jail, on first degree murder charges, and I just know that somehow in this mixup the Lord will be glorified. I know too the the media is certainly makeing sure that they are stating that this was a very church going family, and know that this could go in such arry, that there needs to be prayer for those of us that are in Christ that we may be able in His strength to do whatever is needed to be done. The Uncle and Aunt are very near to me the Aunt is reborn and she is being a very strong pillar in His strength and her daughter... so believes and is so blessed by the Lord she only hasn't done the prayer for whatever reason I feel that this may be what takes her there, but then again who am I but a mere mortal compared to my Awesome and great Heavenly Father and ultimately He knows the plans that He has for us. I guess I just pray for my brothers and sisters here to uphold us all in prayer.
I do pray that this all makes sense, I am sure that Our Father will have it make sense to your hearts and you will know through Him what to pray. I Thank You in advance for you continued prayers.
Yours in Him!:rose:
GOD Bless, Love, Peace, and Prayers Always for All,