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A tough journey for Joseph (GEN 37-40)

: PARASHA "VaYESHEV" (and he settled)

GENESIS 37:1-40:23...............AMOS 2:6-3:8................ACTS 7:9-16

The story continues, but this time, the spotlight is on "Yosef" the second to the youngest of Israel/Jacob's family. The first thing we notice is that there is family rivalry amongst his sons. There is always somewhat of rivalry, and jealously when one son is preferred over the others. This stands true even today, there should never be "preference" in families. One son or daughter, should not be singled out as a "favorite" because that son or daughter might be the object of hate or jealousy by the other siblings, but in this case, it works out for the best. Always when the hand of Adonai is the controlling hand, things work out, even though it may be miles down the road of life.

Dreams, jealous brothers, interpretations, get Yosef thrown into an empty pit. We can see the allusion to Messiah Yeshua is this. An empty pit in the middle of the wilderness spells death, and this is where Yosef was thrown into by his brothers, the brothers sold him to slave traders which bought Yosef for 20 pieces of silver, he was lifted up out of the pit, and brought him down to Egypt

Our Messiah was sold for 30 pieces of silver, the difference between 30 and 20 is 10, 10 is the number which symbolizes Torah, Yeshua is the Living Torah who was placed in an "empty tomb" (a pit for the dead) he was "raised from the pit and from death" to live again and thus, saved mankind from the curse of death. Yeshua also went "down Egypt" as a child, but eventually went "up from Egypt" to return to Israel.

Yosef went on to live out the purpose of his "calling" to Egypt, to save the Egyptians and the neighboring countries from starvation by famine, Yeshua fulfilled his calling and saved mankind from the curse of sin, eternal condemnation. Where Yosef fulfilled the desires and needs of the people with physical food, Yeshua not only fed the people with physical food, (the occasion of the loaves of bread and fish) but he also fed the people with spiritual food, thus being known as the "Bread of Life".
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AMOS 2:6-3:8

We see the prophet saying through the Ruach HaKodesh "they sell the righteous for silver" We can allude this to both Yosef and Yeshua, both were (and are) righteous and both were sold for silver. Israel has departed from "HaDerech HaShem" (The Way of the LORD) the prophet is calling out to Israel, to cause reflection, repentance, and even pronounce judgement, yet he "calls first" and will "make known his plans" He has made known His plans to us through His Holy Word, all we have to do is "take heed, and change our ways, and return to HIM,
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ACTS 7:9-16

The testimony of Stefanos , revealing also the story of Yosef. He points out that "Yosef made himself known unto his brothers" BUT... only after his brothers showed true repentance. Before, Yosef was playing the role of judge, afterwards, he revealed his true self, before accepting Yeshua as Messiah, He is our judge, afterwards, we become members of HIS family, we ARE all brothers and sisters in the family of Messiah Yeshua Ben David, Ben Adonai, Ben Adam.

SHABBAT SHALOM.................Rabbi Ben Avraham