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A thankful heart to my Lord for guiding me to this site.



I have been searching for one year in the Internet for a pure ,warm and serious site in worship of Jesus Christ, and now you see, I am here! Dear Lord ,thank you!

I say hello to all brothers and sisters in Lord , may God's love guide us forever!
Staff Member
Praise GOD for leading you hear sister Ivy :) God leads many here, both saved and unsaved. I'm glad you found Talk Jesus (or again GOD led you here lol).

Enjoy the warm community


Hi Ivy,
so good that you have joined Talk Jesus.
My friend is from China and she has been in my country since April this year.
She does not believe in God and she tells me that there are no christains in China.
I cant wait to tell her that Ivy is in Talk Jesus and is a christain and is from China :)
hey Ivy....
WELCOME to talk jesus....
glad you joined this site your going to enjoy it here....i know i do :)
hope to see you around...

god bless
Welcome to TALKJESUS.COM Ivy!! We're so glad God led you us, here :love: and GOD BLESS YOU for your love of Jesus Christ! :love:

In Christ,
CaliFlower :rose:
:thumbs_up :thumbs_up Hi Ivy :thumbs_up :thumbs_up

Welcome to talk Jesus it is such a kool site

:love: i know you will love it :love:


To Eagle: Thank you for sharing Proverbs 3:5-6 with me. Yes, For many years the LORD has been directing me all my paths. Praise Him!

To Chad and xrt6: I became a christian when I was a college student ,at that time I was in Xi'an. After graguating I went to Guangxi where I never meet any Chinese christian ... So,you can imagine how excited when I found this community. By the way Chad, I am sorry that I made some spelling mistakes when registerd, for example,one of my hobbies is" cooking'' , not '' coking''... :)

To sunshine307,unknowme,califlower: Thank you very much for your warm welcome ! GOD bless you all!

To Heather-Anne: Thank you sharing Phillipians4 verse8 with me , that's one of my favourite sentences.

GOD bless you all!
Hello Ivy . :note: Welcome to TalkJesus . I pray that you find many friends here . Mike :thumbs_up