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a testomony

I just want to thank each and everyone that has been praying for me lately.

I know that it sounds almost to good to be true and I know that some people might not even believe me. I have always known and believed in the healing power of prayer and had seen it happen on 2 occasions. Yet I was not 100% convinced though but continued to believe that there is definitely healing in Jesus' Name.

So well Friday i pulled the ligaments in my right ankle and was unable to walk. The pain was so severe that I actually sat and cry. People has been praying for me since, but on Sunday I had the worst day in a very long time. Returning home on Monday after work - still hopping along on the crutches as I was unable to move my ankle not even talking putting it on the floor - my friend had organised a prayer meeting for me and after some time in the prayer I actually felt the pain ease in my ankle and that I can use my foot and walk on it. Not only did that happen but all my anxiety, depression and fear also lifted off me. I was unable to sleep for the last few weeks and had only a few hours (3-4) sleep a night.

So last night I had the best sleep I had in months. People at work was very shocked to see me walking without the crutches today.

I know that healing occurs not in my time but only in the Lord's time. I have been born with a fault in one of my genes and a back problem due to the defective gene. I can remember that I have been praying all my life to be healed from this, but healing never came. I investigated the matter further and that just added fear and anxiety to me. Now I new that by round about my age systems my occur i.e. loss of hearing, cancer growths, severe deformities, blindness, mental disability etc. I have then learnt to be thankful that I am one of the lucky/blessed ones that might never experience the onset of this. Thus I have started to thank the Lord for keeping me healthy instead of praying from healing from my back and the defective gene. I know that I might not be healed from that but I might never get sick.

So I just thank God for being there for me- He might not wish to heal me from my back and defective gene, but it could be His wish that I never get sick - thus keeping me praying for staying well and have faith in Him for keeping me well.

The Lord has indeed proved to me that He is willing to heal me where He thinks is best i.e. My broken heart, my wounds and also physical healing - all in His timing.

Amen Eagle, what an awesome God we serve. Praise the Lord for His healing power.
As the Lord said to Paul "My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness." (2 Corinthians 12:9), He says the same to us. :shade:
God is there for all of us Eagle - the gospel says "Lord you can heal me" - We take Him at His word. May He bless you and yours today.

Staff Member
I'm really happy for you sister. GOD is an awesome GOD no doubt about it! He loves us each more than we'll ever comprehend.

Matthew 9:22
Jesus turned and saw her. "Take heart, daughter," he said, "your faith has healed you." And the woman was healed from that moment.