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A Sunflower Prayer

-- Author Unknown

I have these friends who pray for me,
Which must be quite a task,
They say they love me very much,
For this I did not ask.

The thought that now goes through my mind,
Why do these people care?
They hardly even know me,
Yet, they say I'm in their prayers.

Why would total strangers,
Speak out to God for me,
Get on their knees and bow their heads
With time and energy?

They must have problems of their own
though they never talk about them,
But if I ask, they laugh and say
"Oh, Jesus just re-routs them."

Sometimes I fear my words have hurt,
Yet, they keep coming back for more,
Again, they say they love me,
They simply will not close the door.

They learned to say, "I love you, too,"
Which I have said for years,
Then they would say, "I love you back,"
Reducing me to tears.

They seem to love unselfishly,
But, I wonder what they gain,
"Some day you'll know," they say to me,
"Then, Jesus will explain."

These strange and lovely friends
Have truly touched my heart,
I'd tell God all about them,
But I don't know how to start.

They say it doesn't matter how
Just talk to God direct,
Though they are very close to me
God will be closer yet.

Thank you, dearest friends of mine,
For all your love and prayers,
I know you are God's gifts to me,
As proof He truly cares.

But, Dearest Lord, I thank You more,
For sending me these friends,
Whose word and love expressed for you,
Have placed me in Your hand.

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