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A story

I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD. Psalm 118:17

Yes, I found it true this psalm. For I was dead in my sin and the only way for me to come to life again is through the LORD.

I was in a difficult and painful situation after college in which I had no job and was living at home with my parents. For me it was devestating because of all the work I had done over the previous five years to get out on my own. I didn't adjust, and I started to go mad.
For the next three to four years I was constantly in turmoil trying to escape the prison that I seemed to have put myself in. Ambition was the driving force behind it, success and social status the goal. It took its toll on me in March of 2002. when I finally lost grasp and was lying in the bed, at the brink of death for almost a month.
I went to the doctors and they gave me drugs to take and counseling. I knew inside that the drugs were not going to put the life back into me that I had once before. And somewhere inside I knew that it was a spiritual problem. I wasn't letting God into my life, so He was taking it away from me. That is the best answer I can come up with now.
As time went on I started to go to church and recognizing Jesus and how much I needed Him in my life.
I have a job now in the military, and I am studying the Word of God daily. My life is still not all I was ment to be I know. I still struggle with selfish ambitions, and other areas I am sure. I don't know.
I do know that if I hadn't turned to God when I was at the brink of death, I would be dead right now. He let me live.

Very Respectfully,
thunderbird somtimes our expectations of ourselves are more than what God expects I suffer with that alot and you know darl God said come as you are....