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a story on wisdom

I dont know if this would count as a joke and im remembering it off the top of my head but...

This scolar was at a bible collage and he was explaining who there can be no such thing as God and jesus and no man can be raised from the dead, but its a good thing that weak minded people have something to bevieve in and stuff.
This one old man stood up and raised his hand. The scolar called on him and the old man said You've studied alot about this havent you? the man replied yes. The man pulled an apple out of his lunch bag and began to eat it,To the old man replied well im sure you've gone to great schools and learned alot, the scolar continued to talk. The man stood up again and took one last bite of his apple and asked the scolar how did his apple taste? The scalor replied sir i've never tasted your apple.
The old man replied and you've never taste my Jesus.
--Professing themselves to be wise they became fools.(Romans something i think)
Cheers! LOL! That`s the kind of smarts all the knowledgs in the world
can`t give you!

Pro 20:29 Young people take pride in their strength, but the gray hairs of wisdom are even more beautiful. :love: