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A sister that needs our prayers

Hi there guys and girls I don't want too keep you long so here goes...

I have a friend who is going through a REALLY tough time for the past 2 years. It's been like a roller-coaster ride and it never just seems to end. She is very talented in the arts of drama and dance and GOD has given her the ability and wisdom and creativity to produce and choreograph dramas and dances to acompany our pastor's services to aid in the people responding better to it and remembering it better. Now because of this Powerful way GOD is using her the enemy has been breaking her down for a long time now but she has stayed strong through it all. I'm not asking for advice as she has received so much advice already. The only thing that will really help now is if we as family in Christ intercede for her.

All I'm asking for is prayer... please family.

That she will find her feet again and experience God's love and grace! That His Holy Spirit fill her and renew her strength and that GOD will provide!

I ask it in faith and hope! (Hope is to expect to receive)
We will pray for all those needs to be met. Father . please pour out your refreshing upon all who need it and strengthen the bonds between Heaven and these prayers , in Jesus name . Amen . Peace be with you . Mike

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