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A simple request: please help me?

All righty, I'm going to be completely honest with you guys and not going to pretend like this will have any benefit for you whatsoever. But it would make me really, really happy, and it will only take less than one or two minutes of your time.

The link: [edited by Admin: remove link. Read the rules. They apply to you also. Talk Jesus is not a market place for you to come and advertise on your first post, post links without permission for your gain of receiving free items. Thank you for your understanding]

All that I want you to do, if anyone here would be so kind, is the following:

(1) Click the above link. Yes, it does say Neopets :).
(2) Simply choose a pet and create it. It's the easiest process in the world, especially if you click "randomise".
(3) Sign up for an account, with a valid email address.
(4) An activation email will be sent to that address; click on the link in that email.

In case you're wondering, the purpose of this is to help me get referrals on the site; for certain numbers of referrals I get special items and whatnot.

Thank you so much in advance, to anybody who decides to be kind enough to help me out. I will forever be in your debt, or something like that :).
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