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A Simple Phone Call

Can I encourage you that if you feel God telling you to do something, just do it no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. Last night my daughter rang me just for a chat. Not to complain or ask for anything - just for a chat. Why did she do this? Because as a student at college with no income someone gave her a phonecard. As she is in the US and I'm in Northern Ireland and we wont see her until May this meant such a lot to me. It was so good just to be able to talk about things without her ringing to ask me to do anything. "Mum will you send me... mum will you do this..."
This may not seem like much, but to me it was everything. :shade: We were both so blessed through this phone card, so you don't know when God tells you to do something how much it will mean to another person.
Just a note!

Amen! in concert with your message, I want to share that yesterday I spoke to some woman over the phone at a Christian Organization. I began speaking business to her and ended up confessing to her that a pastor from a now very big church tried to sleep with me and made me leave the father of my children, well........., do I need to say more? Our conversation turned to what she felt that God wanted her to say. I felt I had forgiven the pastor and in fact still do. But I struggle to speak with members of the opposite sex in a one on one aspect. Anyhow, her message to me was "God is still on the throne" I am sure she said alot more, but that is all I remember and it kept coming to my mind over and over and over all day yesterday. She obeyed and I was blessed. God is on the throne and one day He will come back and put an end to all the madness this world has to offer. God will perfect our joy. Thank you for your encouraging words, Sunshine. They are just what we all need to hear. Trust and Obey and you'll be blessed and the person whom you encourage will also be blessed. God Bless you,:thumbs_up
Amen singlemom. Sometimes we feel prompted by the Holy Spirit to say something and don't know the reason (we don't need to know - just need to be obedient). That wee word of encouragement might just change someones day, as you have shown. :shade:
sunshine307, right here at Talk Jesus I am so much on the receiving end of what you express, I can hardly convey how true. Not only in beautiful words personally to me, but in posts or threads that others are inspired to write which strike just the chord I need at the moment. Even in places where others have not agreed with my views, I am blessed, because I can see Jesus in them as they respond with a listening spirit.

A spark here, a candle lit there, all these things work together to show the light of God where His children act in love and obedience to Him. I am overall speechless. Even my fingers are speechless; I try to type a prayer or a few words of gratitude to let others know, and our Lord seems to say, "Wait, let it grow within, let my brightness fill your inner reaches by the work of My Spirit that is building from the unity of My children."

Blessed brothers and sisters in Jesus, this side of heaven, you might never know when a seemingly small act or word might have profound effect, but I am one who is truly being made rich by you-all with the grace of God.

To Christ
Isn't it absolutely awesome when that happens To Christ. :shade: That is why it is so important that we do write here what we feel the Holy Spirit is prompting us to. We just don't know who is being encouraged, helped or blessed. What a wonderful God we serve. :love:
"A spark here, a candle lit there, all these things work together to show the light of God where His children act in love and obedience to Him..."


I sit in awe of God!

You girls are so right! "The Brides Song" in the stories thread, was one of those messages that blessed me so this week...how could the poster have known! ;)

Blessings on you all! :)

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