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A Sad Issue

I have a very long story which I will tell sometime, but for this thread 'Church' I will stick to just that.
I attended one of the Elim Evangelicial Churches for nearly 2 years just up until recently, I do believe the Lord had a hand in removing me from it now when I realize all that has taken place.
Our Pastor was leaving and we needed a replacement which we got, and he seemed to be such a lovely man and a real godly one, (Lord forgive me, don't look upon this as gossip)I just feel I need to share this as it shows not everything we think is good can be that way.
This church has Elder's and one lovely man took the worship lead every Sunday, when I joined with his wife he had been ill with depression and hadn't been able to attend for 8 months but by God's grace he was able to return and do the worship leader again.
The new Pastor said he wanted things done differantly and made life very awkward for Wilber (the Elder) enough so that he resigned, Wilber told me himself this week as I had tea and a lovely evening together with him and his wife Margaret
The Pastor actually told lies on them, and Wilber placed his hand on the large Bible (which sits on the table in the church, as they had called a meeting with the superentendants of the Elim) and stated that 95% of what the Pastor had said about him was untrue.
I really don't want to go into detail I am so gutted at this that if I didn't know the couple personally I would not have believed that a Pastor would tell lies, a few people have left the church since, not because of this but for reasons of their own.
I was wondering at one stage weither or not to go back to this church as my family didn't want me to but that was also because of differant reasons this has all came to light since that, I was in hospital but that's another story, and connected to Religion but I'll tell that one at a later date promise. Margaret and Wilbur still pray daily for that Pastor which goes to show just what sort of people they are many a one would hold a grudge, especially after being in that church for 30years and I know we are not to harbour anything like that, but I'm sure sometimes things like this would be very trying.
well just wanted to share this with you and let you know that I am now looking to find a Sunday Morning service again in my life but the Lord will lead me to where he wants me to be Amen
That is very sad . God knows. Acknowledge the Lord in all thy ways, and He shall direct your path.
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That pastor will certainly get his punishment due as far as I'm concerned (of course it only matters what Jesus says :) It is sad but we must pray for him regardless of our angered broken heart at what this person has done to a wonderful church. Prayer by GOD's grace in Jesus' name can heal and fix anything, anyone.

Thank you for your comments and taking the time to read my thread, it is sad and we reap what we sow. I always looked up to Pastor Terry to he seemed so good and very Godly, but we can be taken in too. He does need prayer and I pray that perhaps the Lord will reveal to him his errors.

Isn't it awful to think a man of God can lie?
I was totally shocked I didn't think it was possible.
I did want to go back to this church but not now after
hearing that the Pastor has done and said such awful things but
they do need prayed for I think. Our Lord would not want his
sheep to be led by such people.
Hello Maureen i just want to encourage u in the lord ,be strong.Don't allow anythink of thatsort to depress you.and again ,i will encourage u to continue to pray for that pastor.As a believer we should always encourage one another in the faith either by praying for the person in question or sharing the words of God with such because the bible said iron sharpeneth iron.i pray God will heal all the broken hearts :unlove: involved in this case.AMEN
Thank you also for your welcomed reply, the much prayer is going up for that pastor, but I personally believe God had his hand in
the taking me away from this church because of my husband
as you know God's way's aren't our ways, praise him there not
or were would we all be, but my husband never felt right when on
the few occasions he did go so perhaps he was never going to
hear the word in that church, and the way things are now, my husband
is the one who asked to go to Sunday Morning Church and anyone
except that church were his own words, so perhaps the Lord is
moving in his life and this is how it is being done.
So it could all turn out for the better, it has too be good
already that he is going on a Sunday Morning something he
didn't do, anyway that is what I think in my situation the reason
I was taken away, the Lord always has reasons for what he
does as he see's the bigger picture were we don't praise him again.
It can be heartbreaking when we are let down or dissapointed by our minister. I feel for the pain you are going through. I sat under a minister for a number of years who I respected and considered a friend. God really did some marvellous works through him and yet later after leaving that church I learned that he had been beating his wife for many years. Shock, sadness and anger all played their part for the next few months and I had to examine why I felt each one. Shock, because although I knew it was unrealistic, I expected all ministers to be perfect. Sadness, because I felt our friendship had been based on a falsehood. Anger, becasue I had been taken it and duped into thinking this was a great guy. The Lord brought me to a realisation that all my reactions we based on me and my pride at being hoodwinked and not based on Him. It took many months of the Lord dealing with me in a gracious and loving way to bring me to repentance and to begin to forgive the person in question as God has forgiven me.
I learned a number of valuable lessons. 1. God works through the imperfect. A minister may have many faults but that does not put him beyond God's grace or usage. 2. Our ministers need pray to support them and keep them from the temptation to fall into sin and turn away from God.
How I wish I had walked close enough to the Lord to have forgiven straight away and to have prayed for him as your Elder and his wife did.
Margaret, the Lord is bringing you through this experience to teach you something that will bless you and may bless others. trust in Him and He will make His way clear. God Bless


Maybe you could start your own church with Wiber and his wife? Remember Jesus did say "Where two or more are gathered, I am in the midst." Also, the time is so short, and we really need to start to truly fellowship with one another. Even if it's in a house with just a few people. No pastors, no leaders, just the body of Christ. Just my thoughts.

forgive me for not replying sooner but I have been away
to England for 5 days with my husband to see his relations
there, then Christmas came,
Did you go back again to your church or stay at the one you
moved to?
I have written a letter to a couple another Elder and his wife
who still go to the church of this Pastor I mentioned about
and asked them to tell him if he is ever in my area please call
for tea as I would love to chat with him.
I can't see me going back to that church not because of the
Pastor because I still think a lot of him and regard him as the
Lord's planter, but I know for definate my Husband will never
attend that church and if I'm ever to help him vere towards
our Lord and to hear his Word then it will have to be another
church one which he feels at ease in,
Thank you for replying please write back on the matter
I'm very anxious to hear others views on it.
I heard on God TV a few nights ago something that really
hit my heart, the preacher said that when a new Pastor
takes over a church that the people there are to obey him
because the Lord said, 'Did I put YOU in HIS job?'
and so long as he doesn't ask you to go against God's Word
then you do it all, everything except break God's word, that
you must not do,
which is obvious anyway, but surely, Lies are 'Bearing false
witness' and that is God's law.
I do hope Pastor Terry calls to visit me, I really would love to
talk things over with him, but is it okay to be blunt and speak
the truth just how it is?
I look forward to your reply, thank you Godbless
Thank you all for your replies
Isn't our Jesus lovely and the life he gives us,
I'm leaning on his leading Amen
Hi Maureen,

I was just wondering how you were going re:all of the above. It is so sad that your story is not the only one. The enemy is prowling around to see who he might destroy, particularly leaders. I hope things are falling into place for you.

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A sad issue I am sorry

I completely undesrstand I myself was hurt when i was a teen in church and that helped me walk away. Then I met a woman at my daughter's school and she told me " I am human I can fail you" That made me see where i was missing the point.. I was placing trust where it didnt belong.. I regret the time being bitter now thou with that different thinking I find it easier to forgive and pray
Dear Evangeline and all others
I have moved onto another church have been there since before
Christmas now think I'll stay at this one,
it's totally differant from where I was as it was
Evangelical I'm now at Church of Ireland which
I was baptised into as a baby, and two of my sons
were actually baptised in this very church, so I think
the Lord has lead me back to my roots,
he knows the reason and in time it I will too, praise him.
They are having a healing service this Sunday night
and I normally go with my Dad to his church on the
Sunday night 'Brethren' but I'm going to go to the
healing service on behalf of my cousin in Canada
she has asked me for prayer for her, so I think this
is meant for her, she needs much she has been
diagnosed with Luekemia Lordbless her, shes a lovely
Christian woman, and a long time serving the Lord.