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A Rose In Gods Garden Of Flowers

Gods word is like a rose; if we read the word faithfully and grow in the love of god, than just like a flower watered, will flourish and bring fourth buds, we too will show the living water spring up in us,and our life will blossom and bring fourth fruit. Gods garden of flowers will grow and become like THE ROSE IN GODS GARDEN.........​
Staff Member
Very nice Gerlene :) Very true also. Great poetic example of a maturing relationship with GOD
The Author Of (A Rose In Gods Garden of Flowers)

Thank you Chad. Here is the rest of the stoy. Some how I lost the first one i typed out.
A young man by the name of Robert Calhoun wrote (A rose in Gods Garden of
Flowers) His Mother gave me a copy of it. Robert was killed in a accident working at a stock yard. This happened about 29 yrs ago.