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A Refugee Student needs your prayer and help!!!

Hello, I am from Romania and I served God for 6 years as missioner in Republic of Moldova. In 2004 I received a refugee status to come in USA. Now, I minister among others refugee in Tacoma, WA. I am a pastor assistant.
In June I was accepted to a D Min. in Leadership program and now I have to pay my tuition. My income is very low because I have only DSHS support and FAFSA didn't give a grant fro this program.
Please pray for me!!! God can gives me the money to pay my tuition because I want to take this program to do a better ministry for Him not for my personal goals but for Hid Will!!!!
If you need more details about me and my ministry, please contact me
[email protected]
Thanks a lot and God bless you!!!!
I think it is wonderful that people get involved with our young people. Our young people are the church of tomorrow and for them to be w have to get the attitude right of the church of today. So God Bless you in your work. I will ontinue to pray. God does answer prayers you know, I was of little faith this last few years, but found the Holy Spirit working in me. At first i was blind and deaf to listen ti Him, so He visited me in my dreams for 2 weeks. Then after listening to His message, the dreams stopped, but He started to work in me whilst awake. He answered 2 of my prayers this week. Just BELIEVE and TRUST that God will help and He WILL when He think it neccessary, don't give up. Sometimes we get tested in faith by not answering our prayers immediately.

God Bless
I will pray for you my brother, you really want to serve God, well i can't say anything much but just take care ok, Just keep your faith strong coz he will not turn you down! ok bro bye take care and God bless
My Dear Brother,
It is always an honor to pray for those whom the Lord has called into service. He will provide all of your needs according to His riches and glory. If God has started a thing He will see it through to it's completion. With your kind permission, I would like to offer you this prayer:
Dearest Lord,
In Jesus name I come before your throne of grace and petition you for this dear brother. May your fountain of provision bring a flood tide of favor and grace that he may press forward with the task you have set before him. Strenthen him, protect him for all that lies ahead. I thank you for this man of God and his willingness to serve you. In Jesus Name...Amen.