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A Question

In order to answer that question Heather we need to understand a few things about God. One thing we must understand that God is outside of time, he has no concept of time. Because of this God knows everything that is going to happen in our lives right up until we die, He knows the choices we are going to make, good and bad ones, He knows everything in our lives before they happen to us. So baring this in mind God knew what Esau's life was going to be like, the choices he would make, whether he honoured God or not. With that foreknowledge, God placed some conditions on Esau of him serving the younger brother. Esau is described by Paul as immoral and unreligious in Hew. 12:16. Esau married a woman that was the daughter of Ishmael (Abraham's son). So with all these factors this would be the reason God - as you term it - hated Esau.
Hope that helped.
How do you trust the unpredictability of god?

Does he do things you do not like mymakersdaughter?

Does his love for you change?

Are you not afraid because he is so powerful?

When people say he comforts them, how does he do that exactly?
I do trust God completely, He is not unpredicable, he is the same today, tomorrow and forever.

Hmmm..."Does he do things you do not like...?" is your question. Well, when I make a mistake probably because I wasn't listening (again) He teaches me a lesson so I will learn. Some of those lessons are not fun. Do I like learning a lesson, yes, but sometimes it's hard to learn a lesson. Does God go out and purposefully hurt me, no.
God's love for me, you and everyone is the same every day. He wants us to be with Him in Heaven.

Afraid of God? Yes and no. Yes because He is the ruler of the Universe, He has more power than any one thing in this world, but it is not fear in the sense of being afraid of Him, it's fear in that He is a Holy God, reverence towards Him.

How does He comfort us? So hard to explain that one. God has angels all around us and He uses them to touch our spirit, consols us when things are tough. It is comforting to me to know that I am going to be with Him in Heaven. When I think about Him that offers me comfort.
oh i get the Esau thing, if god is seeing everything of his life then he would no all his choices and it would be safe for god to say this.

So the only people who god is against are people who are against him still right at the very end, and he knows this.

So, he must choose some people and not others then, the ones he knows will not join him he must not bother with?

“There is no respect of persons with God’ [meaning no partiality]; and Rom. 9: 13— ‘Jacob have I loved; but Esau have I hated.’” My answer: God is no respecter of persons; but He is decidedly and properly a respecter of character. Of this St. Peter gives us the assurance, saying, “Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons; but in every nation he that feareth [reverenced] Him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with Him.” (Acts 10: 34, 35.) The reason why God loved, i.e., appreciated and favored Jacob, and hated [abhorred and disfavored] Esau, is because the former loved truth, righteousness and God’s special favour more than self, while the latter, an unscrupulous and worldly minded person (Heb. 12: 16, 17), loved self more than truth, righteousness and God’s special favour; and it was perfectly proper for God to appreciate and favour the former and abhor and disfavour the latter, and that because He is no respecter of persons and is a respecter of character.

Your Sister in Christ,

Hello Heather- Anne

When i read your first question it seemed to me that you were not really wanting to know about Esau in particular, and then i read your other questions..lol

My Makers Daughter has given you some excellent answers and Pamy and Shepherds Grace has enlarged on this well.

I would like to add this though

God will not hurt you, not ever, for no reason, not in this life or the next, not in any way. NEVER

This might be the answer to all your questions

Bless you Heather-Anne and pm me anytime you want to explore you and God more :love:
"Gracious! God is one great big person!!"

Shepherdsgrace, not for one second do I consider God a person, He is not. God is Spirit. We need to be clear about this as many people come here to TJ not knowing who, what God is, we cannot mislead them.