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A Prayer of Deliverance

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Good day everyone,
I'm requesting a Prayer request for deliverance. It's 4am in my country but I'm up to my neck tired and frustrated with a matter I gravely ask your prayers. For years I've had an aunt who has been playing her bedroom radio for over 11-15hrs in a day. I live with an extended family she lives downstairs and I live upstairs hence her music permeates the floors and comes into my room. She starts playing as early as 6am and finishes at 10pm. Recently she's started playing her music at 3-4am in the morning, at one incident I called her out on it and the other which is this morning I'm yet to say something yet again. Prayer fellowship, if you all should know I'm deeply affected by noise when I sleep - I'm a light sleeper and her radio music which might not affect half of the country affects me. I've asked the lord to constantly deliver me from this situation, and to deliver my aunt from the spirit of stubbornness. With your prayer we can bind this spirit, and have both her and I delivered. I want to walk with those I love in peace unfortunately the devil will use anything as a device to do otherwise which has become the literal case here. Please pray for me and the deliverance of my aunt by name of Ann. Thanks everyone, i really appreciate it

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