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"A Prayer In Poem"

"A Prayer In Poem"

Dear Father how are you today of all your days, but like all days from my part you should on my mind in all ways, but a mistake I always make by not having you there always. I ask you to forgive my self centered ways like getting a big head by telling myself "I can do this on my own", but the truth is I can't go far when I'm all alone. My heart beat is in desire of you while I'm asking for protection over my family, my friends and all those who need you for all eternity.

My life is nothing without you,
So please forgive me for my wrongs, the ugliness that came about from my mind and heart that still tries to break us apart.
Please forgive me from
this sinful nature that holds me
from being better, and take me back so we can once again be together.
I am tired of doing things my way, and ready to do them how you say. I will swallow my pride just so I can obey, and to you be accepted which means more to than being just okay.
I love you, I need you, and I no longer want to deceive you. All I ask is forgiveness from you, in Jesus Christ's name and to the holy spirit I pray

- Visionary
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