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A prayer for the places infected by corona virus

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Hi. Just a prayer request for our community as we are facing a corona virus infection that is quite close to where we are located in Italy. I've been staying for some time here in this Christian community which purpose is to reach out people and give them the good news of Jesus. To be precised one of our main places is in the same region where the spread of the virus started a few days ago. Most of us are not scared or over panicked, but obviously concerned. And I know that this might be some of the pestilences that the Bible speaks about in Luke 21:9. It is not only a question how deadly this virus might be or if they find a solution ( which I also hope to ), but that Jesus predicted about it. So let us think on it. Let's hope that people's hearts here can be meditating on God, on His salvation. So, a prayer request for the situation here. For all the people, for our place if hard times come and for wisdom from God to know how to face the present situation, for protection aswell and that God's purpose can be accomplished in us for His glory. Let us pray for all the places of the world infected by it. For any situation people are about to face.
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And also remember
(Luke 21:28)
New International Version
When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near."

Our Rapture is near! The Rapture is our “ Blesseth Hope”! Notice when these “Begin” key word. “Begin”!